What are you doing to your hair? STOP with the shampoo!

A facebook post got me thinking...

The post was about how frequently people wash their hair, something most people don't give much thought to right?

You should. You really should. 
This post will be about shampoo, but I will also talk about all the other crap in future posts.

Washing you hair is something we just do...right? But why? For millennium there was no shampoo and people seemed to do just fine. Yes I know there were funny wigs and powdered hair, but most people simply just didn't wash their hair with any regularity if ever. When did it change? Most likely around the turn of the century when basic hygiene was made a priority by people trying to sell you stuff lol. It wasn't until about the 1960s that what we know as shampoo came to market and really into the 70s before people really went bananas over the idea of washing their hair all the damn time.

Before we started using shampoos that strip all of the natural oils from our hair and scalp there was no need to wash frequently. Our bodies are amazing and they really do give us what we need and this includes our hair and scalp. Have you ever considered that your hair feels greasy because you strip away all of the good stuff our bodies make naturally and your sebaceous glands got into hyper drive to replace what is lost?

Your scalp being part of your skin (which is your largest organ) absorbs stuff into your body. Have you looked at what is in your shampoo? Can you pronounce all the ingredients? What do they do when you suck them into your body? Of course there are some really natural and pure shampoos out there, but most are pricey and not within the average persons budget. Have you ever thought that if you use a decent natural soap you can use that too. Just lather that bar right onto your head. Most shampoo bars sold in specialty stores are basically just soap bars relabeled. 

These are just some things to think about. We need to keep asking questions. Researching. Ultimately we need to just be informed. Read labels and think about what those ingredients will do to you, your kids, your fur babies with continued use for days, months, years, even decades.

I promise if you met me in person you would never know it has been years since I 'washed' my hair...

What do you think??? I know ridiculous selfies...but taking pictures of brown hair is hard lol.

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