Fake Carpet + Spray Paint = Awesome!

Getting crafty with indoor/outdoor carpeting

Many of you know we are creators and own a couple of businesses. With one we do markets and craft shows and since we are new we are always looking for ways to improve our booth and how we present ourselves to our current and potential customers.

Finding ways to differentiate your self from others with similar products can always be a challenge. We know our product is the best, but how do you get people to come in and discover it for themselves.

Normally I am always telling people to look up and see stuff in front and above us, but not today. Today I am encouraging you to look down.

The ground/floors at these shows can be pretty boring and even downright ugly, so what's a crafty person supposed to do? Well of course spray paint! It is my answer to so many questions...even the ones you don't ask.

So after my small display disaster (not really a disaster, more circus clown nightmare than hippie at the start) I used the paints for a spur of the moment craft that I must say turned out pretty cute!

When we first started camping we bought a cheap piece of green grass indoor out carpet and used it outside out tent or pop-up to help from tracking in ALL THE THINGS. Now we have Winona (our big beautiful brown camper) and we found a much nicer outdoor rug on clearance. The old green stuff was just getting lugged around and taking up space and not being used.

Fast Forward...
We have a few events that are hosted in parking lots and bare ground sooooo....let's use the old green stuff, but make it cuter. Old green fake grass carpet meet spray paint. It was love at first spray.
Which is fake?
Now for a little create spray paint liberty and we now have a super cute display to catch those shady people that don't want to make eye contact (I blame mall kiosks).
The 'After'
She will probably need a touch up once in a while, but I am pleased how it turned out and I think it is super cute for the shows with bare floors...and for a five minute project ;) 
In the booth...
Do you have tried and true unusual ways of sprucing up spaces? I would love to hear about them...

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