Hippie Shipping

Minimal packaging - good for the environment and sooo hippie!

So you just got your hippie order in the mail...

Yes that is a recycled amazon box or padded envelope.
Yes it is packed with newspaper (only the freshest off the presses from Vegas for you :)).
Yes those are reused packing peanuts and bubble wrap and air pillow thingies.

No we don't put out stuff in fancy boxes and wrapped in pretty paper because that raises costs and it is not our way.
If you are sending our goodies as a gift or would like something a little snazzier, just let us know and we will be happy to accommodate your request. We love pretty.

If you are in an area that recycles  do it. If you live in any area that doesn't? Reuse that stuff...keep it going and out of the landfill!!!!

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