About Us

We started this dream years ago when we had some major life changes and needed to find useful ways to be frugal. This led us on a journey of self discovery and finding ways that making our own products was not only easier on the budget but also way better for the planet. Striving to be better global citizens is an important part of our lives.
Our products are hand made in small batches. We like making sure the products live up to our standards and we love continuing to expand our offerings as we find and make amazing new products for you!
Bad Hippies was born in Central New York our living room and kitchen out of a passion to save money and live a greener a way of life for future generations. Fast forward to new time zones, new states, and a few brand new cities.  We relocated to the Chicagoland area and we were welcomed with open arms. Fast forward again...a new time zone, new state, and another brand new city. We now call Sin City home and the Hippies are putting down roots here in Las Vegas and bringing our handmade goodies to a whole new group of people.
Whoops we did it again...the hippies are now calling Temecula, California home and are loving every minute of West Coast life!