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I wasn't totally on the patchouli bandwagon before, but this soap changed my mind. I have always liked the smell but in small doses. And I never liked it enough to wear myself...until now. This is a great smelling soap that isn't overpowering but you'll smell good all day. I think the peppermint is what really makes it special. I am actually on the site right now to buy more. Get your hippie on and treat yoself! :)


These are by far the best all natural products I have ever used!! This company is amazing and the customer service is incredible!! Everyone should try at least something from here. I promise you will not be disappointed!!


I love this product, I have thick frizzy hair and it calms it and gets rid of the frizz!


I'm completely in LOVE with your soap!! I just can't describe how much I love it. I'm completely turned away from body wash! Getting a little personal, but I used to have problem pits. No matter how hard I scrubbed, I was still "greasy" in my pits after my shower, then I'd cake on that day's deodorant, only to stink halfway through the day. THAT IS NO MORE WITH YOUR SOAP!!!Ā šŸ¤©šŸ¤©šŸ¤©Ā I'm a customer for life!!! Thank you so much for creating such an amazing product!!!


I have very sensitive skin - dryness, eczema, etc. - and finding a product that heals and moisturizes without making my skin worse is difficult. This lotion bar (plain jane) is a godsend. It feels great, lasts through a hand wash, and does exactly what it is supposed to: moisturizes. My skin doesn't react negatively to it at all.

I have also discovered that it helps speed healing. Applied to a minor burn and the pain and mark was gone within hours. Applied to a cut on my wrist and it healed in two days, no scar.

I am amazed by this product. I'm thrilled I gave it a try.


Came across the deodorants after using the bug repellent. Can't tell you how much I love it!! Have since tried the soap, masks, lip moisturizer, and essential oils for mood lifting! Just WOW!!! Great pure products at a reasonable price!Ā 


10*** The smell of lilacs was simply intoxicating with a whisper of Lily for a refreshing surpriseĀ :)Ā the soap made my skin feel clean and I don't think its ever felt softer ...I'm hooked for life!!!



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Hippie Shipping

Hippie Shipping

Reducing our impact is important to us.
We do our best to be aware of our impact and recycle as much as we can. When we ship our orders we reuse as many items as we can. This is why we use minimal packaging on our products and when you order arrives it comes in an old amazon box or is stuffed with the finest Las Vegas newspaper...

Easy dessert for the holidays, potlucks, or just because - with only four ingredients!

Easy dessert for the holidays, potlucks, or just because - with only four ingredients!

I love looking fancy once in a while and this ridiculously easy four ingredient cake roll fits that bill.

5 Amazing Day Trips off the Strip in Las Vegas!

5 Amazing Day Trips off the Strip in Las Vegas!

So you are headed to Vegas...

Whether it is for a long weekend, a week of sunshine, or even a new place to call home Las Vegas is SO MUCH MORE than just the strip.

Of course everyone should see the strip. It is glorious and self indulgentĀ and shiny and busy and there is ALWAYS something to do!

Have you ever wondered?