plain plant stand to a market booth accessory...

We all have that piece of furniture that we have no idea where it came from, but it serves a purpose. This is that piece of furniture for me.
No clue where it came from, but I do have quite a few plants and when they come in for the winter they have to go somewhere...

This piece is all function and is well not very visually appealing.

As some of you may know we operate a small LLC out of our house and sell at local craft/farmer's/flea markets around the Chicago area as well as an online website and all the fun social media site too.
We are always looking for ways to make our booth more user friendly and with a quick set-up and break-down factor as well. We have one folding table and we use a cute painted wooden step ladder as display space, but wanted more options. 

Since the weather has cooperated, the plants are now outside and this ugly little guy was just hanging out in the guest SPRAY PAINT!!!!

I had a partial bottle of a candy pink and it was on...

I am pleased with how she turned out. The wood was dry so I didn't even get close to full coverage, but I like the shabby look.

Now we can use her to hold out new bad hippies sign I made out of an old cabinet door, some paint, and chalk, or to hold extra product if we hang our sign.

I love doing these quick little make overs and giving new life to existing items.

And here is an action shot from our last market...okay it is hard to see in the back, but it is holding the bad hippies sign.

I need to finish touching up the signs, but we are getting there.

What are some of your favorite little make overs?

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