Here we go...Bad Hippies launch all natural product line.

This website and our products have been something we have been slowly working on for years. 

Our products will evolve with time and you may see items come and go, but if you want something and we can make it happen we will.
The CORE products we offer will be:
Castile Soaps - Vegan, Plant oil based soaps
Lotion Bars - Vegan, Plant oil based solid lotion bars
Deodorant - Vegan, No heavy metals
Laundry Soap - Vegan, nothing added that doesn't need to be there

All products are cruelty free and never tested on animals (other than us), handmade, and all natural. 

We will also have several other products that will be close to being core.
-Lip Balm
-Bath Jellies
-Bath Bombs
-Dryer Balls
-Random art and furniture as well.
And whatever suites our fancy when we are crafting.

If you have questions...ask. We are transparent and honest with what we do. We are happy you are here and welcome to our journey!

With Hippie LOVE!
Maureen & Mark 

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