The joys of moving. Just kidding it is a pain in the ass!

The person that decided moving is one of the most stressful event you encounter in your life...
Was so right!

I have lived in several places in my life and feel I am semi-nomadic. I actually love living in new places and then trying something new...
So far I have lived in six (6) states and two time zones and now I am getting ready to move to the seventh and into a brand new time zone as well.

This move will be the biggest yet. We are moving from the greater Chicagoland area to Las Vegas baby!

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I have always been a mid-westerner and east coaster so this is a massive change. Palm trees, low humidity, cacti, scorpions, and tarantulas here we come! 

My dad is also moving with us from Ohio so that adds another level of chaos as well. The logistics are ridiculous to put it mildly, but we are super excited for this new adventure.

Packing sucks.

Period. That is all I have to say about that.
We have been trying to purge and reduce the amount of STUFF we have and that we are taking, but that isn't going quite as well as we wanted it to. And frankly I feel it rarely does. The new house is about double the size of the one we are in, but we will also have stuff from dad's so I am sure we will have no trouble filing it up. 


Lessons learned from moving:

  • my love of packing tape is only exceeded by my love of bubblewrap
  • you don't need half the shit you have
  • let go of everything that doesn't bring you REAL JOY and all the shit that has already served its purpose to you
  • don't hold onto stuff because you feel obligated - set it free to bring joy to someone else
  • no matter how organized I plan to be I always end up with boxes of plates and jewelry and knick-knacks and whatever else is within reach
  • somehow it will all get done and moved no matter what
  • you can in fact plastic wrap (or a more eco friendly option) your silverware in the drawer holder and transport it all in one big group
  • buy a roll of contractor paper from your local hardware store and use this as packing material
  • the hippies will reuse almost all of the packing materials we are using so they will be reused...keep an eye out on your future orders 😁
Now I need to get back to it...
Do you have any amazing pacing/moving tips to share?

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