Letting your inner creator out!

I have always felt a need to create.

Growing up my mom was creative. She would make grapevine wreaths and decorate others with a variety of dried flowers. Glue guns and finger burns were common sights on the kitchen table. She was the fixer in our house. The keeper of power tools and the one that found creative solutions when things broke.

If I were to guess the creative and crafty sides that both my brother and I have must have come from her (no offense Dad - you inspired all duct tape and BFH fixes!).

The past few posts have been travel related so today I figured I would talk about my latest obsession. I am a starter...a trier, but not always a finisher or a stick to it person. I go back to stuff sometimes. Cycle through phases of obsession. This time, back to drawing. Now with charcoal. Drawing is therapeutic for me. 

I have always found nudes beautiful. Not full on realistic nudes, but more abstract nudes. Oh and flowers and stuff too, but I started with basic line nudes and a few flowers.

A good friend that is actually a trained artist (Thank you Robin) suggested I get a few charcoal pencils 2B, 4B, and 6B. Loved them. Went back for a second set. I also picked up a blending stick, a few erasers, a white charcoal pencil, and a sharpener, along with a few drawing pads and a charcoal sealer for when the pictures are finished to my liking.

I googled a few images and used them as a guide to inspire my starting point. So far so good...

Sweeping lines. Blending. And somehow - someway - I find that a picture emerges.

Similar takes on the same figure. She reminds me of a musical instrument. Perhaps a violin?


Working on a few simple flowers too...

Now to find some frames and some wall space. 
Have taken steps out of your comfort zone to try something new?

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