Castile soap? Why? Because it is awesome!!!

Going back to the beginnings again.

Lately I have been talking about the evolution of our company and how we came to be. Yep it all started with the laundry detergent, it then evolved into not wanting to pay high store prices for natural soaps. 

So soaping commenced (am I the only one that thinks the word commenced should mean end instead of begin? Like prohibit. Pro=for, so why does prohibit mean no?).

We started small since it was just for us. We used bread pans for molds or whatever we could find and we lost sooooooo much essential oil by burning it off because we had no idea oils have flash points and when you exceed these you basically cook off the oils. :( 

Years later we still follow the basic recipe we started with. Why? Because it is awesome and it does everything you want a soap to do - it lathers, smells good (or not if you like unscented), it rinses clean, it moisturizes, and it makes you happy (well, hopefully it makes you happy).

I ask you, what more could you want from your soap?

Ugly soap?
We refer to our soap as ugly soap. We make a hot process soap which is freaking amazing in so many ways, but it is less easy to make those gorgeous soaps you see in shops and markets (these are almost always cold process soap - we can discuss later). 
We are actually in the process of changing our soap molds to ones that will allow of to make bars faster and this will change the look slightly, but not too much. 

I always equate our soap to a gorgeous plated fancy meal...the presentation is amazing, but you are still gonna chew it up. Our soap is the may not be the most handsome man on the block, but it still does what soap is supposed to do.

One day when I am feeling ambitious I will post more about making the soap, but for today I will keep it short and sweet. If you want to know more about our soaps (or other products) send us a message.

For now I will leave you with images of a few of our soaps...

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