soy wax candles & melts

About our soy candles & melts...
100% all natural soy wax candles and melts are scented with the finest fragrance oils and essential oils. Bad hippies soy wax candles and melts (not counting the wick ;)) only have two ingredients - 100% soy wax & the most amazing fragrances you can find.

Candles come in two (2) sizes 3 ounce and 7 ounce.
Seriously these candles are so far out man.
We are now offering a select number of candles scented with essential oils to fill your space with all of the amazing scents of therapeutic essential oils.

Melts come in a six pack of wax squares.
All of the glorious scents from our outstanding candles in a flameless version.
Each melt pack contains six melts and the scent will last about 8 hours per use. 
We now offer a select group of melts made with essential oils to scent your space with all the therapeutic benefits of the natural oils.

Toss these beauties in your favorite warmer and surround yourself in totaly bliss.


You are going to love them like Joanie loved Chachi.

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